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Welcome to Living Mission
   The character of Jesus Christ fuels within us love and compassion that motivates and moves us in the direction God desires for us. Helping us to see life through His eyes and feeling the very heart beat of God.

We at Living Mission envision in finishing the unfinished task of spreading the gospel to every tongue, and tribe, and nation. This is our day to day mission in our walk with Lord.  Our mission in life is to be devout followers of Christ and fulfill the Great Commission among the unreached people in remote villages in India where the Gospel has never reached through training, sending out and assisting native individuals in partnership with the Body of Christ.

Living Missions welcomes you to our website. We believe that you are visiting our site not by chance; but by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We pray that God will speak to your heart as you browse through the links and view the things that are happening through our ministry to extend the kingdom of God. There are many ways that you can choose to partner with us to make an eternal difference in the lives of suffering people in all nations, through Christ.

Let's make a difference while there's still time to make a difference…
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