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Our Vission and Objectives
  Living Mission is committed to reaching unreached communities with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, and helping to establish churches among them. Our vision is to spread the gospel to all nation, people and tongue without class and color.
Our Objectives:
  Remold Christians and Reconstruct the Church  
    The need of the hour for Christian Mission work is more than just preaching the Word. All Christians must meet people at their point of need and show true Christian love through actions.  
1. Identify the social problems and meet people’s immediate needs.
2. Accept our responsibilities towards the society and move with compassion
  Teach Church leaders true Christianity and instill it in Church members  
1. Core Christian Teaching – Break the denominational barriers and work towards the great commission.
2. .Grace based Christian living - Overcomes self-righteousness, legalistic criticism of others, and hypocritical Christian
3. Biblical self confrontation - Brings true Spiritual revival and Christian maturity.
4. .True Christian servant hood and Discipleship (Mark 8:34)
5. Charity and Missionary work – (James 1:27)
6. Christian Roles and Responsibilities in Society – (Matthew 5:14 -16)
7. Fulfilling the Great Commission – giving your time, talent, and money
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