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Our Mission
What happens when mission fields become mission-sending churches?
  Be a part of the Great Commission...  
  It is not enough for the church to grow within a group of people. There must also be obedience to the Great Commission. In the past, progress towards world evangelization has been slowed because many missionaries failed to establish mission-minded churches. 
Our Mission:
1. Be one among them and develop native missionaries
2. Share the love of Christ and pour the Gospels to pagans.
3. Support missionaries who are willing to work in interior villages.
4. Adopt villages and people groups.
5. Develop bible training materials for the Sunday school.
6. Teach hygiene and up bring social status of sects, tribes and under privileged people.
7. Educate under privileged people (Adults education, tuition centers and small schools etc)
8. Give job oriented trainings to under privileged people (tailoring, pottery, handicrafts etc)
9. Conduct medical camps for under privileged people
10. Sunday school for village people
11 A free medical centre for the residents of slum area. Free consultation and medicines should be provided to the needy
. people.
12 To educate the people for adopting the good norms of a good citizen and to work for spreading the ideas of love
. towards others.
13. To help and generate training program for self employment of women and educate unemployed people and to work
  for adult education.
14. To create the means for providing medical assistance to the people suffering from diseases, especially for helpless
15. To provide help/shelter/facilities for old people, children and disabled persons for their welfare.
16. To organize camps for spreading good living habits, moral values.
17. To work for uplifting poor rural/village people for their all-round development.
18. Provide scholarship/Financial help to poor rural/village people for their all around development.
19. To educate people against taking drugs and alcohol.
  Urban Ministry focus  
  Create awareness among church leaders that leads to changes in their thinking.  
1. Importance of Christian counseling for believers and church members.
2. Importance of Mandatory Biblical premarital classes before marriage.
3. Importance of seminars on the Biblical principles for family building and parenting.
4. Identify current issues Teens face and develop Biblical counseling to address them.
5. Importance of personal bible devotions and prayer to have a close relationship with God.
  Motivate and challenge Christians for missions  
1. Develop a volunteer doctors network to serve the under privileged people.
2. Motivate and develop a group of youngsters and professionals to join with mission for short time mission work.
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