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Ministry Opportunities
(Gospel for India)
Gospel for India - A Living Mission Project
The harvest is plentiful but the Workers are few (Mathew 9:37)
Do you have a calling...? Are you willing to take a challenge for Lord's Kingdom?

You maybe a computer programmer or you are really good at household work. Maybe you are both. Maybe you are a doctor or a nurse, or have the gift of preaching and teaching. Or maybe your passion is to help the poor or you have got a heart to work with missionary children or helping the poor children in village areas. Are you willing to stand in the Gap? upholding missionaries in prayer? Wherever your skills and interests may be, we would love to explore the opportunity together of how God could use you in Living Mission Ministries.

Living Mission believes the call to missions is a call to prayer. Prayer is where it all begins. As we pray, all of us can be involved in missions – no matter where we are, who we are, or what we do for a living.

We're just ordinary people, but we believe it's time to take action and show compassion, care and love to those suffering.

Project Living Hope
    Living Missions invites you to sponsor a child in India as a member of your extended family. Your love gift of only $30.00 a month will provide for the food, shelter, and clothing for a child in desperate need. When you sponsor a child through Living Missions, you will receive a picture of your child along with a brief bio data of your child’s life. You will also receive quarterly updates from your child. You will be able to send correspondence directly to your child. At Christmas time, you will receive an annual video update with a personal message from your child.
Project Living Word
    “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, Your God reigns!" Isa 52:7 (NIV).

    At Living Missions we believe that our native pastors are worthy of great esteem and love for their passion and dedication to take the good news to their countrymen, many times at great personal cost to themselves and to their families. Project Living Word provides the wonderful opportunity for those who are able to sponsor a pastor and his family in India. Amazingly, your monthly gift of only $90.00 will provide for all of the daily necessities of food, shelter, and clothing for a pastor and his family. Take the time to show these courageous men and women of God in practical ways the love and respect that we all have for them.
Karuna (Mercy) House
     Karuna home is a hope for the destitute,poor and orphan children in India.The organization plans to start a home for the children's who have no place to go.There are parents who may be a single parent who don't have the capability of keeping their children with them.We plan to locate such children who are destitute of their families.So that these children can live a life in an environment suitable to their.More than just living in the home, the children will be provided with parental care; and we will also meet their emotional need.This is a place where we also plan to accommodate widows who are in need of shelter and a support system.
    Your help and support for this project is greatly needed and appreciated. Your gifts will have lasting impact on the social, educational, and spiritual lives of children in India.
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